About Basingstoke Model Aero Club

Our objective is to provide a safe and friendly environment for the members to pursue their aero modelling hobby. The club is run by members for the members and is administered by a committee, annually elected by its members.

We were founded in 1959 and moved to our current site in 1995 after starting the grass seeding process in 1994.

The club provides its members with:

All year round flying from its local flying field.

The ability to fly fixed wing, helicopters, multi-rotors and gliders.

Indoor flying during the winter months.

Monthly club nights.

Special events and competitions.

The club also has BMFA certified examiners for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to examine candidates for both the A and B certifications.

Club Flying Times.

Day Start Time Finish Time
Monday-Friday 09:00* 20:00 or dusk**
Saturday 10:00* 19:00 or dusk**
Sunday 11:00* 19:00 or dusk**
Bank Holidays 11:00* 19:00 or dusk**

* Please do not arrive at the field before the start time.
** We do not allow night flying! Dusk is the latest you are allowed to fly at any time of the year. In the summer months when dusk is after the stated finish time, only quiet electric models may be flown and this must still stop before dusk. It is preferred that you leave the field before you need headlights on your car. Anyone caught or reported as flying after dusk will have their club membership revoked immediately.

Explore the field

Here are some reasons to join BMAC

Large well kept field - The club boasts a large (approx. 3 Acres) of flying field that is regularly mown.

Easy and close parking to flight line - We also have easy and close parking to the flight line so no carrying of models and equipment over rough and long distances.

Away from people and buildings - The field is rented from a local farmer and is situated away from buildings, walks, pathways and electricity pylons.

BMFA affiliated - Membership includes BMFA membership, which gives you £25m public liability insurance and other benefits.

Long flying hours every day of the year - We're fortunate enough to be able to fly every day of the week and year, we're only really limited to flying in daylight!

Discount on purchases - Club members are able to get a discount at the Andover Model Centre in... you've guessed it Andover. Prove you're a member of BMAC and you'll receive an automatic 10% discount on all of your purchases! You'll also find name dropping in other shops occasionally gets you a discount there as well.

Helpful and friendly members - The club is full of helpful and friendly members and a wealth of information and experience, come down to one of the normal club social nights and ask one of our club members for advice, help or to check over your new pride and joy.

Club meetings every 1st Thursday of the month - As mentioned above we have regular club social nights, where you can meet other members and chat about your hobby over a beverage or two.

Do you really need any more reasons ?