BMAC Club Constitution:

  1. Title:

    The title of the club shall be the “Basingstoke Model Aero Club”, hereafter abbreviated to BMAC.

  2. Aims:

    The aims of the club shall be to promote interest in model aircraft and to provide facilities for radio controlled model flying for recreational use by members.

  3. Affiliation:

    The Club will be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, hereafter abbreviated to BMFA. The Club may also become affiliated to other model organisations with aims and interests compatible with the interests of the club, however control of the club’s affairs shall remain vested in the Club Committee and general Membership.

  4. Committee:

    1. The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of the Officers and at least three and no more than six other elected Members.

    2. The Committee is empowered to act in all matters concerning the conduct of the club’s affairs. No decision made by the Committee shall conflict with this Constitution.

    3. Officers:

      1. Chairman: The Chairman shall preside at all General and Committee meetings. In his absence at Committee meetings a chairman shall be chosen from those Committee Members present to serve for that one meeting only. The Chairman shall only have one casting vote.

      2. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate and proper records of all meetings and proceedings of the club. He shall also attend to all correspondence and communications.

      3. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accounts of the club in the correct manner and shall present a financial statement at each Annual General Meeting. This statement shall be independently audited by two persons who are not members of the Committee. A statement must also be supplied when required for an agenda item at any Special General Meeting. The club may have a bank account and cheques drawn shall be signed by the Treasurer. The Committee shall, from time to time appoint alternative signatories who are empowered to sign cheques in the event that the Treasurer is unavailable to do so. Decisions authorising any expenditure of club funds shall only be made by the Committee.

      4. Membership Secretary: The Membership Secretary shall assist the Secretary and Treasurer by conducting the administration of Club membership. In doing so, he shall follow the Club policy regarding membership matters as determined from time to time by the Committee. He shall work with the BMFA to ensure that all BMFA memberships are properly in force for all BMAC Members

    1. Appointment and Resignation

      1. Eligibility: Fully paid up BMAC Members shall become eligible for election as Officers or Committee Members after they have completed one full calendar year of paid up BMAC Membership (January to December inclusive). However, Members who have resigned from the committee during the year prior to the date of the election (for whatever reasons) shall not be eligible.

      2. Appointment: Officers and Committee Members shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), or at a Special General Meeting (SGM) called for the purpose. Officers and Committee Members shall stand down at the following AGM but may stand for re-election. The official time for the outgoing committee will be 23:59hr of the day of the AGM the new committee will take effect on 00:00hr of the following day. Officers and/or Committee Members shall also stand down at an SGM if that is the purpose of the meeting and if so decided at that meeting. If a new (or partially new) Committee is elected at an SGM, it shall take office immediately.

      3. Safety Officer: The Committee shall appoint a Safety Officer from amongst the elected Committee Members. The Safety Officer shall present to the Committee policies and plans for the safe operation of models flying within the Club. He shall also report to the Committee any actions needed to maintain the safety of operations.

      4. Vacancies: The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies in the offices of the club occurring between general meetings and to co-opt members to the committee if the need arises.

      5. Resignation: Resignations shall be submitted in writing and acknowledged and accepted in writing by the Committee. The resigning Member will not be eligible for re-election until the following year (at least a one year gap).

    2. Committee Meetings: Meetings of the Committee shall be convened at least six times per year to enable the business of the Club to be transacted. Any two Committee Members may request the Secretary to call a Committee meeting and at least seven days notice shall be given to the Committee Members. Committee Members shall acknowledge receipt of request to the secretary within 5 days. A quorum for Committee meetings shall be five and shall include at least one officer of the club.

  5. General Meetings

    1. Annual General Meetings: The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year, normally during the month of December. The interval between annual general meetings shall not exceed thirteen months.

    2. Special General Meetings: Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the Committee and must be called by the Secretary if requested to do so by not less than 25% of the voting membership. A quorum for special general meetings shall be 25% of the club membership.

    3. Voting: All fully paid up members shall have one vote at the annual and special general meetings, except the Chairman, who shall only have the casting vote.

    4. Meeting Announcements: At least fourteen days notice of AGMs or SGMs shall be given to members, by e-mail (or post if the member has not provided a valid e-mail address). It is the member’s responsibility to inform the secretary of change of e-mail address. It is not the responsibility of the Club to ensure safe delivery of the e-mail. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure their records held by the secretary are up to date and valid.
  1. Membership:

    1. Membership: Membership shall be open to all, subject to the approval of the Committee, and in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, in particular those provisions relating to Insurance. Members under the age of 18 on 1st January qualify for Junior Membership.

    2. Applications: Membership applications shall be made to the Membership Secretary in accordance with any procedure or process laid down by the Committee from time to time. Such process may include the enforcement of a Membership limit.

    3. Notification: Following application, the applicant will be notified of acceptance or otherwise. No reasons for acceptance or rejection shall be given.

    4. Fees: The Committee shall recommend the annual subscription amount, and amount of any other fees, for approval at the AGM. Under exceptional circumstances, and with the majority approval of committee members present at any committee meeting, the committee shall have the power to modify the subscription structure when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the club.

    5. Probationary Period: New Members will be required to serve an initial probationary period of six months. During this time, they may have their Membership terminated at the discretion of the Committee for unsatisfactory conduct.

    6. Renewal: Subscriptions shall become due for renewal on the first day of January each year, and must be paid before the last day of January to ensure continuity of membership, or the membership concerned shall be considered terminated. Subsequent renewal shall be subject to approval as a new membership and will be subject to any fees that may be in force. See also paragraph 7c.

    7. Expulsion: The Committee shall be empowered to suspend or expel from the club any Member found guilty of a serious breach of the Club rules or whose actions are in any way detrimental to the interests of the Club and/or another Club Member. In all cases the Member concerned shall have the right of appeal. The Member’s appeal must be lodged in writing with the Secretary within 14 days of the suspension or expulsion. The Secretary shall acknowledge receipt of the member’s written appeal within 14 days. The Secretary will set a mutually convenient time for the hearing. This shall be no longer than 28 days from acknowledgment of the appeal. The Members appeal will be held in front of the committee. A minimum of five Committee Members must be present at the hearing. The Member can bring an independent party to the meeting. This person may represent the Member or choose to be a witness. The majority vote at the hearing will be final. Should a split vote occur the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

  2. Insurance:

    1. BMFA Membership: All BMAC Members must be Members of the BMFA. This provides insurance cover for third party liabilities for recreational use of model aircraft.

    2. BMFA Subscriptions: Members may pay their BMFA subscriptions through the Club or, if they pay for their BMFA Membership through another route, they must provide evidence of their BMFA Membership to the BMAC Membership Secretary when requested. This may be checked from time to time. Any Member whose BMFA Membership lapses will immediately cease to be a Member of the BMAC, irrespective of any money paid.

    3. BMFA Renewals: Members who do not renew their BMFA Subscriptions before 1st January each year are not permitted to use BMAC facilities until their BMFA subscriptions have been paid, which must in any case be paid by the last day of January.

    4. Limit of BMAC Responsibility: The Club shall not be held responsible for the activities of members away from the Clubs’ facilities.

    5. Commercial Use: No flying of aircraft for commercial purposes shall take place on BMAC facilities, nor shall any organisation or business use these facilities, unless previously approved in writing by the Committee. In such cases, the flyer must provide evidence of insurance and any qualifications appropriate to the proposed activities.

  3. Rules and Flying Control:

    1. The Committee shall publish the Club Rules, which shall include all flying control regulations. Members shall abide by the published Rules.

    2. The power to vary and enforce Rules and flying control regulations shall be vested in the Committee. This shall include limits on the sound levels emitted by models.

  4. Guests:

    1. Guests may be invited to visit the Club’s facilities by any full Member who shall accompany and be responsible for the guest during his/her visit. Guests will be required to comply with all Club rules during the visit.

    2. Guests who intend to fly model aircraft must be BMFA Members and have a current BMFA Membership card. Overseas visitors with an overseas equivalent of BMFA insurance may be permitted to fly subject to Committee approval. A member may invite a maximum of two such guests per visit, with a maximum of three visits per guest per year, unless otherwise approved in writing by the committee.

    3. BMAC members wishing to fly shall have priority over guests.

  5. Prospective Members:
  6. Prospective Members may fly at the site on a maximum of three occasions prior to becoming Members. They must be supervised by a BMAC Member. The prospective member shall be subject to all of the Club’s rules.

  7. Winding Up:

    1. Should the Committee decide that it is appropriate to wind up the Club, it shall call a Special General Meeting to consider and decide on a proposal for such action. The reasons for the proposed winding up of the Club shall be provided in writing to all Members at least 14 days prior to the Meeting. Should any Member or group of Members wish to put forward a proposal counter to the winding up motion, this shall be presented to the Secretary in writing no less than 7 days prior to the Meeting and distributed by the Secretary to all Members no less than 4 days prior to the meeting.

    2. Should a quorum fail to appear, a further SGM shall be called within 14 days. The second meeting will proceed even if a quorum is not present and any motions will be decided by a simple majority of those present, with the Chairman having only a casting vote as normal.

    3. At the Meeting, each proposal shall be presented and a vote shall be taken on each. The order in which the proposals shall be voted upon shall be announced by the Secretary after the presentation of all proposals is completed and discussion has been allowed. The Chairman shall have the authority to adjourn the meeting for a definite period should he consider that this is in the interests of the Club.

    4. In the event that it is decided at the SGM to wind up the Club. The Officers of the Club shall use Club funds to discharge all financial and other liabilities to third parties, dispose of any Club assets and shall then divide any remaining Club funds equally between those who were fully paid up Members on the date of the initial announcement of the special General Meeting stated in 10.a above.
  1. Amendments to this Constitution:

    1. Amendments to or additions to this Constitution shall only be made following approval at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.

    2. Notification of amendment(s) shall be made by post or e-mail to all Members not less than 14 days prior to the date of a General meeting

    3. Should a member not be able to attend the meeting they can lodge their vote in writing to  the Club Secretary prior to the meeting and this will be included in the tally of votes at the meeting.

    4. Approval shall be by simple majority of all votes cast with the Chairman having a casting  vote only.


Issue 08 - 03/12/2015